Phil. Week 3 – Pre-Socratics, Pt. 2 (Epistemology)

The Presentation for Week 3

The upcoming week…

The reading for this week is the rest of the Pre-Socratics. The most important Chapters are 9 & 10, followed by 6, 7, and 8 (roughly in that order).

The podcast for the week is a modern twist on the chapter of the Atomists, some of the first “scientific” thinkers: Scientific Realism (which follows up on our discussion today; how “true” are our theories that work? How “trustworthy” is science? Is there an “independent reality”, and if so, how do we know about it?).

Other news

All the resources for the class, including readings and slide presentations, will be placed in this folder on google drive (this is shared, and you don’t need a gmail account to access it).


  • As always, the Stanford Encyclopedia entries on whoever we’re studying are always a good resource. Heraclitus and Parmenides from last week were especially insightful… This week you may want to check out the entry on the Presocratics and/or Democritus (perhaps the most famous of the Atomists).
  • Though it isn’t “Pre-Socratic”, the “Falling Man” thought experiment—Philosophy bites on Avicenna’s “Flying Man”gets to the heart of “thought” vs. “experience” – the metaphysical line we drew separating the “soul” from the “sense”: in other words, “one; pure; awareness; refuge; stability; steadfast; deductive knowledge” on the one hand and “the many; sense data; conflict; changing; flux; inductive knowledge” on the other.

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