Introduction to Western Philosophy

Course Outline

CloudedCat‘s Intro to Western Phil. follows the history of western thought from the pre-Socratics, through Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, to the Hellenistic Philosophers, and, finally, Christian Philosophy. We end Intro to Phil with the historical split of “Science & the University” from “Religion & Monasticism.”

Following a chronological order, we pick and choose chapters from our main text, Russell Bertrand’s A History of Western Philosophy, while supplementing with source (& other) material, in order to focus on a philosopher/school/subcategory of philosophy each week.

First Quarter:

Second Quarter:

  • Week 9 – Hellenistic Philosophy, Pt. 2 (Neoplatonism)
  • Week 10 – Early Christian Philosophy
  • Week 11 – Medieval Christian Philosophy
  • Week 12 – Christian Monasticism
  • Week 13 – Rise of Science & the University
  • Week 14 – Writing in Philosophy (Final)
  • Week 15 – Creating a “Western Christian Canon” for the English language

This course aims to provide a general knowledge base for Tibetan Translators who may not specialize in topics of Buddhist Philosophy, as well as a starting point for those whose goal is continued further study in Western Phil.